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The GREAT News Is That the American Dream Is Just Within Your Reach . . .

Uncork That Champagne,
Friend, Because I
Want to Help
Make YOU A Millionaire!

Inside This Uplifting Letter: The Simple Roadmap That Helped Create Over $41 Billion in New Wealth

PLUS: Discover How You Could Keep Uncle Sam’s Hands Off Your Newfound Fortune

Dear Reader,

When the clock strikes midnight tonight . . .

3,981 new millionaires will have been created!

And, nothing out of the ordinary will have happened over the past 24 hours to warrant that.

In fact, 3,981 NEW millionaires were also created yesterday . . . and the day before that too.

That number is not a typo, or a misrepresentation. It is the average number of new millionaires created every day!

And, because of the incredible opportunities and freedoms available to us in this great country, one out of every 20 households in America now boasts a 7-figure net worth.

But the mainstream media never tells you this tale.

And, maybe that’s why . . .

Hope Is in Short Supply These Days . . .

A lot of people think that the economic recession has made the American Dream impossible to achieve.

But that’s just not true.

Many of the thousands of new millionaires created each day did so after losing their jobs and even their homes.

I know a woman named Wendy, who at 14, lived on the streets and sometimes out of a car. But she never gave up hope of achieving greatness.

She believed in the American Dream. And, her perseverance allowed her to rise up from $10,000 in debt to become a millionaire many times over. 

To do so she simply took advantage of a couple of the powerful secrets I’m going to share with you today. And, her path to prosperity became a reality!

Many others had to turn to food stamps and welfare before they found their fortune . . .

  • Take Jeff Harris — a college dropout who used to work as a grocery store clerk and at a junkyard to support his wife and three kids. Today he’s a multimillionaire investment adviser in York, S.C.
  • Then there’s Steve Maxwell — an engineer who knew nothing about making money . . . who is worth more than $30 million today.

These people aren’t hitting the lottery or stumbling over dusty Picassos in their garages.

And, the vast majority of people who achieve wealth in this country didn’t have it handed to them.

In fact, 80% of people who build net worths of $5 million or greater came from middle class or lower income families.

In overwhelming numbers, the Americans who are amassing serious wealth are following a simple path that leads to rewards that most people never get to enjoy.

This is a path you can start taking right now. And, the surge in wealth you could experience can happen in good times and in bad.

Take the Great Depression for example . . .

When you think of this dark period of despair and desperation, visions of wealth and prosperity don’t come to mind.

And yet, the Great Depression created the largest number of new millionaires America has ever seen!

And this same uplifting level of wealth creation is happening right now, as we speak.

In fact, at the time of this presentation, as much as . . .

25% of ALL Millionaires in America Hit That 7-Figure Mark in the Last Two and a Half Years Alone

That’s one out of every four millionaires in the United States.

And, their success did not find them 10 years ago. It wasn’t handed down to them over the last three generations. 

They just earned it.

When you consider how many people are in this country . . . and how short a window that is . . . you can’t help but come to one basic conclusion:

We are in an unprecedented time in history, where wealth creation is charging ahead. And, millions of average Americans are becoming extremely wealthy.

Nothing is holding you back.

But you would never hear about this ‘good fortune’ from opening a newspaper or turning on the TV.

Today I’m going to offer you something the mainstream media won’t a solution.

A solution that gives you the potential to become one of the 3,981 new millionaires created every single day.

But I have to be frank with you . . .

While the message I’m delivering today is of hope and achievement, I’m not going to pretend that the American economy is not facing serious hurdles.

And it’s a fact that . . .

The Middle Class Is Going Extinct!

In the “good ol’ days” of the 1950s and 1960s, middle-class Americans could work for a company for 20 or 30 years and get a gracious pension. Couple that with the stable income from Social Security . . .

And your retirement years were well on their way to being picture perfect.

Even working-class Americans could get great wages and nice perks from their job, make enough money to support a family, and live a comfortable life.

Today, most families need two breadwinners just to stay ahead of the bills.

And, even with two people working . . . income is STILL falling behind.

In fact, would you believe that Americans barely make more today than they did in 1989!

Take a look . . .

In the last 20 years, wages have gone virtually NOWHERE. Even worse, they are falling even further!

And yet, that didn’t stop gas prices, food costs, and healthcare expenses from going much, much higher.

The middle class is sandwiched between lower wages . . . and higher prices.

It’s no wonder that most people view retirement as an uncertain event, at best. And, the stock market hasn’t made them feel any better about that, either.

If you had put your cash in the S&P 500 10 years ago, you would have 12% less money today — and that doesn’t even count the ravages of inflation!

Factor in the falling dollar and your loss balloons to 38%!

And, pensions are blowing up across the country. Even government workers in bankrupt states like Illinois and California may never get the greatest perk they were promised when they took the job . . .

A comfortable retirement.

Ask the average hourly worker when they plan on retiring, and the most common answer is “never.”

In fact, a Wells Fargo survey recently found that the average person in their 50s has only $29,000 to rely on.

And, the other findings in this survey were just as dismal:

  • 72% of adults expect to work during their retirement years . . .
  • 39% of Americans will HAVE to work during their retirement just to make ends meet . . .
  • Adults in their 60s have met less than 10% of their retirement goals

For most Americans, this is a big cause for concern.

But not for you.

Because with the powerful information I’m about to share . . .

You Are Going to Drastically Improve Your
Chances of Joining the 3,981 People Each Day Who
Overcome the Odds to Grab Their First Million!

I have found my wealth by providing average Americans just like you with the essential solutions you need to achieve prosperity.

After years of doing this, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the hardest part of any journey is getting started. And, making that first million is no different.

So I have tapped into the full strength of Newsmax’s team of personal finance, investing, and wealth-creation experts to show you exactly what it takes to become a millionaire.

The men and women on this team have made a LOT of money. They speak and write from experience. But I also directed my team to broaden their scope.

So we thoroughly investigated the stories of 100 average people — who would normally just be faces in the crowd — but eventually grew 7-figure fortunes of their own.

What We Uncovered Was Mind-Blowing . . .

These millionaires didn’t make their money by taking huge bets. They also didn’t do it by sitting back and waiting for an opportunity to present itself.

These ultra-high net worth individuals followed a “roadmap” that let them generate $41 billion from scratch.

And, the best part is that this is a “roadmap” that you can follow too.

It’s all part of the New Millionaire Success Kit that I want to send to you today, absolutely FREE with this special offer.

And, I suggest you act now if you want to secure one of the limited copies available.

The New Millionaire Success Kit will show you simple tricks that allow you to capitalize on day-to-day opportunities we all come across, yet never take advantage of.

And, you can use these tricks to boost your chances of becoming a millionaire. Regardless of your current net worth.

Keep in mind, I’m not going to tell you that you can go out there and “snap your fingers” to quickly amass this fortune. It won’t happen overnight. But you can speed up the process greatly starting today.

If you are already a millionaire today, then making millions more is easy. But if you have yet to accumulate your first 7-figure fortune, you have to start acquiring money.

What separates the “haves” from the “have-nots” is the ability to acquire cash. And, while most people think this is the hard part, it is actually much easier than you think . . . click here now!

That’s because the New Millionaire Success Kit I’m sending you will show you how you could . . .

Take Advantage of the Secret
$5.5 Billion a Day “Mini-Bailout” Program

Over the last few years trillions of dollars in “bailouts” have been rewarded to people who were already rich.

Billions and billions of your tax dollars went into the hands of the banks and automotive companies. They got a lifeline when their shoddy business practices caught up with them.

But none of this money ever actually helped you. All it did was take more money out of your pocket.

However, “Big Government” did set aside $5.5 billion a day in mini-bailouts for families throughout the United States.

And this cash is available for so many things — Your home . . . your groceries . . . even your utility bills.

The government didn’t really tell anybody that this cash was around. 

That shouldn’t come as a surprise, since transparency and communication have never been Washington’s strong suit.

But this $5.5 billion a day is not just dog-eared for the poor — 75% of it can be had regardless of your net worth!

And only a fraction of Americans know this money is out there!

Let me show you how much is potentially here for you. So let’s assume that only one out of every five households in America is taking advantage of this $5.5 billion a day that’s been set aside . . .

And, your household is one of them. If, as a qualified recipient, you grabbed an equal share of this very lucrative pie . . .

That would mean an extra $260 in your pocket, every single day!

That kind of money can go a long way in helping you start your journey toward your first million.

And in reality, one out of every five households in America will NEVER take advantage of this money. Because they don’t know it’s there.

And, these little payouts are just one of the many opportunities that are available to you.

In your New Millionaire Success Kit you’ll also find out how you could qualify to . . .

  • Get Your Just Rewards! Your Neighborhood Bank Could Have $50,000 in Excess Bailout Cash Available for the Taking! When the president bailed out the banks with trillions of dollars, it seemed the only person who didn’t benefit was you. But today, there are hundreds of banks that are loaded with excess bailout cash. And, that means you could be privy to a $50,000 check!
  • Make More Than the Vice President of the United States Courtesy of Your State Government! — Joe Biden’s weekly salary is about $4,436. But depending on what state you live in, you may be eligible for what would average out to be a $4,807 WEEKLY check for simply regularly sharing ideas that could strengthen our country.
  • Unemployment Shocker: Get a $10,000 Check to Quit Your Job! With 13.7 million people out of work, you wouldn’t think the government would try to encourage people to leave their job. But it doesn’t matter if you are a part-time or full-time worker, or even if you worked at McDonald's . . . the government may have a $10,000 check with your name on it so you can pursue greener pastures. 
  • The $6,500 Home-Owner Bailout NOBODY Is Talking About. In late 2010 the $8,000 new homebuyer’s tax credit that the government used to temporarily boost the real-estate market expired. But this was for people who wanted a new house. What about people like you who enjoy the home you are in? Surprisingly, Uncle Sam may be willing to give you $6,500 to put in a new patio, bathroom, or pool!

This is just a small sample of the “mini-bailout” opportunities I want to share with you.

And, these are the kinds of things millionaires know to take advantage of.

In fact, many of the wealthiest people you’ll ever encounter used some of these little-known money builders to their advantage. And, there is so much more you’re going to discover in this report.

You’ll even find out how to receive free healthcare without falling victim to Obamacare, earn $800 a year just to heat your water, or even get an extra $8,000 the next time you refinance your home.

While none of these “mini-bailouts” will make you rich overnight . . .

Each one you take advantage of could put you a step closer to reaching your millionaire dream.

Better yet, with the New Millionaire Success Kit in your hand, you could start claiming cash as soon as today!

So far, I’ve just showed you the pile of money you could collect from Uncle Sam. But there is plenty more cash where that came from.

And, the income could come from places you simply don’t expect.

Take gas prices for example.

The average person complains about prices going higher. And for good reason. Just two years ago the average driver could fill up for around $20.

Today, they spend $48!

Over the course of a year, that adds up to an extra $141 BILLION Americans are paying at the pump.

But the wealthy understand that . . .

Gas Companies Could Pay YOU $1,200
To Fill Up Your Tank!

You’ll find out why “Big Oil” is ready to hand you “Big Cash” in your copy of the New Millionaire Success Kit.

But let me state that this secret has nothing to do with Wall Street. You don’t have to purchase shares of stock to qualify for this $1,200 cash reward. In fact, the more you drive, the bigger your reward. And if you don’t drive much at all, you will still earn enough to get a few fill ups “on-the-house.”

You can regularly claim other payouts very similar to it.

You’ve probably never heard of this “Oil Dividend” before. But the wealthy have been taking advantage of this for years.

This is cash that a retiree could use for just about anything.

But if you’re still looking to build your fortune, your opportunity is even bigger if you take that $1,200 and then decide to invest it.

Consider this . . .

Had you invested your $1,200 “oil dividend” at the right time with an oil giant like ExxonMobil, Chevron, or Petrobras Brasileiro . . .

You’d be potentially sitting on an extra $55,290!

You’ll find out why this under-the-radar “cash for gas” program exists and how you can take advantage of it in your copy of Newsmax’s New Millionaire Success Kit. Click Here Now!

Now obviously, this ‘cash for gas’ idea is only a small tip to help you build your first million. You need other ways to start earning more income.

Fortunately, this report is filled with incredible secrets for Main Street wealth creation. You’ll discover how you could:

  • Own a house in Palm Beach or Beverly Hills for Pennies on the Dollar! Once a year, every city in America sells the rights to gorgeous mansions for just a few thousand dollars. The wealthy have used this secret for decades to acquire larger-than-life homes.
  • Get a FREE Cellphone for Life. In an effort to improve our communication infrastructure after 9/11, the U.S. government instituted a nifty little program that could allow you to never pay another cellphone or landline bill again!
  • Get Paid $1,000 a Month Just to Drive Your Car! It sounds unbelievable, but it’s absolutely true. There are hundreds of companies that want to pay you $1,000 a month just to drive your car to the grocery store, the park, or anywhere you’d normally go with your family!
  • Get “Bribed” by Big Banks. The banks are catching a lot of heat these days. And, now they are willing to pay for positive PR. Did you know that some banks will actually hand you “fees” four times a year worth up to $1,500 (or more!)? This has nothing to do with the interest you get in savings account, and nothing to do with CDs. It’s a whole new stream of cash that qualified applicants can start collecting this year!
  • Did You Win the ZIP Code Lottery? Depending on where you live either now, or in the past, you could have some quick and easy cash available to you. For example, you could be entitled to $3,000 if you’ve ever lived in Chicago, or $2,000 if you’ve ever lived in West Virginia. Find out if you have some cash waiting for you!
  • Claim Up to $600 to Protect Your Health From Obamacare! — As you know, the president’s health reform bill is going to take more out of your pocket. Regardless if you are in tip-top physical condition or not. Fortunately, there is a little-known, non-government program pharmacies have put together that could hand you $600 to help cover the costs. Plus, discover if you’re “Grandfathered” into a loophole that may allow you to get prescriptions for free!

These savings might not seem like much on their own. But a thousand dollars here . . . and a thousand dollars there adds up. And to be perfectly clear, nobody will qualify for every reward. But even if you qualify for just one in 10 of the rewards, you could be on a fast path to becoming one of the 3,981 new millionaires today.

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to properly and safely use the stock market to their advantage. Others are simply too apprehensive after the 2008 meltdown.

But despite how “dreary” things may seem . . . $32.5 TRILLION in TOTAL WEALTH was created in the markets since 2009.

Did you get your piece of this very lucrative pie?

If not, it’s never too late. You can get started now.

Because there’s no question that you need to put your money to work if you plan on growing a 7-figure fortune.

And, the stock market can be a very hard worker for you, if you know the right way to approach it.

With Newsmax’s New Millionaire Success Kit,
Wall Street Could Be Your Ticket to
Ride the Gravy Train!

Anyone who has made a few million dollars knows that despite the mainstream media’s claims, Wall Street is a great place for average Americans from all backgrounds to taste prosperity.

And, that’s why the New Millionaire Success Kit will show you how to . . .

  • Claim Monthly Income Checks for Life, GUARANTEED! Part of our government’s “strategy” for fixing the economy is to push interest rates down to invisibly low levels. As a result, your bank account now barely makes any money at all. But there is a way you could collect huge income streams that are guaranteed for life! In fact, some firms have been doing this for years with their wealthier clients! And, it has nothing to do with stocks!
  • Get Paid Up to 18% a Year on Your Investment! As our government closes in on $15 trillion debt, it’s inevitable that Uncle Sam is going to come after more of your money. But there is a little-known investment that pays out 18% yield this year.
  • Juice Your Retirement Savings by as Much as 50% This Year. Millionaires don’t rely on their Social Security payments. They consider that part of their “spending cash.” I want you to live the same way. That’s why you’re going to find out a simple way you may be able to use to boost your retirement savings by as much as 50%.
  • A Quick Way You Could Wipe Out $8,000 in Credit Card Debt . . . Can you imagine life with no debt? Most people can’t. That’s because the average American has at least $10,000 in consumer IOUs. That’s why in the New Millionaire Success Kit, you’ll discover a proven, yet simple strategy for quickly eliminating $8,000 in credit card debt in very little time.

With these tips (and many more that come with your kit) you could find yourself making more income . . . more consistently.

And as your account grows, so could your confidence. And that, my friend, breeds success.

I’m happy to share these secrets in your copy of Newsmax’s New Millionaire Success Kit.

You’ll Also Discover How to Keep the IRS
From Taxing Your Newfound Wealth From You!

It’s a known fact that, when looking at percentages of income, millionaires pay less in taxes than the middle class. In fact, there are at least 4,000 millionaires who pay no taxes at all!

And, while most middle-class Americans pay more than 20% to 30% of their wages to Federal taxes, some billionaires pay half as much!

What the wealthy do isn’t illegal. They simply know how to “play the game” better than people with more modest net worths.

But you can take advantage of their same IRS-busting tricks.

That’s why I’m going to show you a legal way you could make your first million dollars, without paying a cent to our spendthrift government!

It’s a loophole that our Congress left to protect their wealth and that of their rich “friends.” But you could exploit it too. And, it could easily cut down on the time it takes you to make your first million.

But that’s not the only tax secret you’ll discover in your New Millionaire Success Kit.

I’m going to show you how you could give your kids millions of dollars, without paying a dime in inheritance tax.
You’ll discover why local governments could be stealing THOUSANDS from you in taxes. And, you’ll even uncover how to turn a big pile of debt into tens of thousands of dollars a year in tax savings.
And, that’s on top of the “secret” deductions you’ve never heard about, that could reduce (sometimes even eliminate) your tax bill completely.

All of these strategies can help you play the “tax game” as successfully as rich folks do.

And the more money you make . . . the more you stand to save.

It’s important that you take advantage of everything the New Millionaire Success Kit has to offer. Because . . .

Right Now Is Your BEST
Opportunity to Become a Millionaire

Sometimes when everything is stacked against you, the perfect opportunity comes along and changes everything.

And that’s exactly what this moment could be for you . . . a life-changing opportunity.

With each day that passes, 3,981 people are becoming NEW millionaires — even in the face of this recession.

I want YOU to join their ranks.

We’ve never — in the history of Newsmax — put together a kit like this one. It contains all the secrets . . . strategies . . . and tricks the wealthy use to build and acquire huge sums of wealth.

From debt relief . . . to extra monthly income . . . to retirement and wealth-building secrets . . . this kit gives you all the tools you need to become and STAY wealthy.

These are the secrets our insiders have used to amass their sizeable fortunes. 

And, since we investigated how 100 ordinary Americans also joined the millionaire’s club, there is literally something for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young . . . or retired. From a humble upbringing, or born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

Your time to build a true fortune isn’t tomorrow or next week . . . It’s right now!

And all you have to do is . . .

Claim Your Copy of Newsmax’s
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It’s a $99 value, but you get it for free with this special offer. And it can be emailed to you in moments.
When you open up your kit you’ll find out how you could . . .

  • Become a Millionaire With a Proven Roadmap That Already Built a $41 Billion Fortune From Scratch. Deciding to become a millionaire is simple. But the most important thing is having a proven strategy to lets you break into a 7-figure account.
  • Claim a Piece of the $5.5 Billion a Day “Mini-Bailout” Program Right Now! The sums you could claim range from a few hundred dollars to up to $250,000. This is cash that most people don’t even think about, but is available to you today!
  • Keep Uncle Sam’s Hands OFF Your Nest Egg! When people collect money from their retirement accounts . . . they pay taxes. But with this strategy, you could completely STOP paying taxes during retirement!

You are about to discover the secrets to making real money that 99 out of 100 people will NEVER know.

These secrets are easy to understand . . . easy to follow . . . and you can use many of them right now.

And, once you know how the rich acquire money . . . you can teach it to the people in your life that mean something to you.

Included with your copy of Newsmax’s New Millionaire Success Kit is another powerful resource . . .

A risk-free, trial subscription to:

The Franklin Prosperity Report

Famous inventor (and businessman) Benjamin Franklin coined the famous phrase . . . “A penny saved, is a penny earned.”

He knew that with each dollar you save . . . you are building a foundation for wealth so large, that it may last more than a lifetime.

We have always strived to live by Benjamin Franklin’s motto. And, considering how tight wallets across America are right now . . . it is the perfect time to maximize your income and save thousands of dollars you never knew you could.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Let our subscribers tell you how important this is, like Lorraine S. from Lancaster, Calif., who said that our report gave “Good advice and facts necessary to face life in this economy.”

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The reason why these people are all saying this is simple.

It doesn’t matter if you’re still in school . . . have been working for the past 20 years . . . or are retired. . .

The Franklin Prosperity Report could show you tips and strategies you could use in the next 10 minutes to live your life more fully, while spending a lot less cash.

There’s a reason why Dane G. said The Franklin Prosperity Report pulls back the curtain, exposing ingenious ways to cut costs or get the best for less.”

These techniques are culled from our experts who look EVERYWHERE for the most overlooked (and most lucrative) ways to get free services, products, or even cold, hard cash.

Recent personal finance discoveries disclosed in the Franklin Prosperity Report include . . .

  • How to Stop Paying the IRS This Year!
  • One Thing That Is Guaranteed to Give You the Greatest Wealth of All
  • Turn Your Mortgage Into a Cash Cow Worth Tens of Thousands of Dollars!
  • Wall Street’s “Secret” Retirement Strategies

There is no doubt that by using these tips, you could save thousands . . . even tens of thousands over the next 12 months.

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This is money that is there for the taking. Most people ignore it, or never look for it. But you have a chance to do something different . . . and claim it for yourself.

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Now it goes without saying that you want to become wealthy.

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Becoming a Millionaire Is a Question of Choice

You have a rare chance that’s never been offered to anyone else to follow a plan that has generated over $41 billion in wealth . . . from scratch.

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