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Stop Acting Rich
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Do you want to be a real millionaire? Or do you just want to look like one?

This is not a silly question.

In fact, a scholar decided to investigate who the real millionaires and the fakes are — and the results shocked even him!

You may have heard of him: Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D., the scholar and bestselling author of The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind.

Stop Acting Rich
Yours FREE (a $27 value)
with this special offer.

More than 3 million copies of these books have been sold!

But in his newest and arguably most important book — Stop Acting Rich . . . and Start Living Like a Real Millionaire — Dr. Stanley sets out to discover what separates the real millionaires from the phonies — and why some become really wealthy and others look rich but actually are loaded with debt.

He even discovered a secret — One key decision even ordinary folks make determines whether they become wealthy or not.

This is what Dr. Stanley found: You could take two people from basically the same background, same education, and both with the same potential for success — yet, over time, one person becomes rich (sometimes super-rich), and the other person ends up not only with less wealth but also with huge bills to pay!

We at The Franklin Prosperity Report (published by Newsmax and Moneynews) loved this book so much, we want to share it with you and make it available to you FREE with our special offer!

This is a $27 value!

Interestingly, Dr. Stanley found that real millionaires like to share their ideas for success and help others succeed.

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Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D.Dr. Stanley also discovered many amazing things about the real rich.

Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.D.

With the financial crisis, high unemployment, and tight credit, you may be saying to yourself: "Who is acting rich these days? We're barely making ends meet!"

Dr. Stanley exposes the reality: Most of us are spenders who barely understand the concept of frugality. We blow our money on expensive elite brands, and we do it in an attempt to emulate the rich people we see on television, in magazines, and down the street.

The recession may have caused us to take a breather, but every indication is that we will pick up right where we left off when gentler economic winds blow again.

Before you spend another dime, read this book and understand how to become rich instead of simply acting rich.

Stop Acting Rich . . . And Start Living Like a Real Millionaire will upend every assumption you have about wealthy people. Did you know that:

  • Most millionaires live in homes valued at $300,000 (or lower)
  • More millionaires drive Toyotas than BMWs and Mercedes
  • Generally speaking, millionaires don't buy second homes
  • Millionaires are much more charitable in giving than non-millionaires
  • Most millionaires don't even invest in the stock market

The Big Decision

In Stop Acting Rich, Dr. Stanley explains that one big decision you will make will decide whether you become wealthy and a millionaire or end up struggling to pay bills your entire life.

Most people take this one decision for granted. But it's the most important factor in wealth accumulation.

And many people actually believe that, to become wealthy, they must take a course of action that usually leads to the exact opposite — less wealth.

But Dr. Stanley unlocks more than wealth.

He also explains how happiness, real happiness, is the key to the wealth accumulation.

Unhappy people, he argues, constantly make financial decisions that actually lead them to a life of debt and resentment.

Stop Acting Rich . . . And Start Living Like a Real Millionaire rips the lid off just about every assumption we have about what rich looks like.

Amazingly, Dr. Stanley discovers that few people become rich by way of a high income, and even fewer high-income people are truly rich.

The good news is that almost anyone can become wealthy. Even without a super-high income, if you would just stop acting . . . and instead start living, like a rich person — and start making decisions, especially the big one — that will change your life forever, making you richer (and finding real happiness).

It's no surprise that Dr. Stanley's new book features Benjamin Franklin, the patron of The Franklin Prosperity Report, on its cover.

Well over 200 years ago, Dr. Franklin was an apostle to Americans on the core concepts of wealth creation. Now Dr. Stanley reveals these concepts again.

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Stop Acting Rich is a great way to get on the path to true wealth, but it just scratches the surface on the hundreds of ways to find, save, and increase your financial well-being.

Newsmax's The Franklin Prosperity Report is a monthly financial newsletter that reveals how to cut your expenses and increase your wealth by following the footsteps of America's most financially minded founding father, Benjamin Franklin.


As Franklin said, "A penny saved is a penny earned," and The Franklin Prosperity Report brings that lesson to your home every month.

For example: In our recent issue entitled 24 Tax Tips That Can Save You $10,000 or More! you will learn:

  • How to lower your property taxes
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  • Tax-free unemployment benefits
  • How to give your kids a computer tax free
  • How to avoid a common pitfall in taking stock losses that could cause your taxes to soar
  • New green write-offs that could save you thousands
  • How to get a refund for business tax losses up to six years ago
  • Why filing taxes electronically causes your audit risk to soar
  • And much more . . .

Just one of these little-known tax tips could save you 20 times the cost of a subscription to The Franklin Prosperity Report. Each month, it is chock full of money-making and money-saving ideas.

Contributors to The Franklin Prosperity Report scour information from the world's best experts to find out how you can save more money and reveal the loopholes to increase your wealth. For example, just one edition of the report includes such golden nuggets as:

  • How to get an interest-free loan for debt relief
  • 12 commandments for achieving super wealth
  • How to harvest your stock market losses
  • An overlooked 401(k) that will supercharge your savings, plus the secret to increasing your Social Security payout by thousands
  • Mortgage refinancing tips and tricks
  • The secret to cashing in on stimulus spending
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  • How to avoid getting ripped off on auto repairs

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