Iraq Veteran Turned CFP
Wants You to Become A Millionaire . . .

In his new book, Soldier of Finance, Iraq-veteran-turned-certified financial planner Jeff Rose shares a proven 14-week program anyone can use to be
debt-free, build a million-dollar account, and invest safely for growth.
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Soldier of Finance, Yours Free with Special Offer
Soldier of Finance, Yours Free with Special Offer

Does your financial situation feel like a war zone? With too much debt, not enough savings, and monetary land mines everywhere you look?

If so, lace up your boots and head to Financial Boot Camp with Jeff Rose . . . for free!

In his new book, Jeff Rose hands you a 14-week plan that gets your finances in shipshape form . . . helping you recruit an army of investments, capture assets, and destroy debt.

How effective is this plan?

It’s worked for thousands of Jeff’s clients, readers, and subscribers. In fact, Jeff Rose has been recruited to appear in Forbes, The Huffington Post, and The Wall Street Journal to share his unique ideas.

But how he came up with this 14-week plan is an unusual story.

You see, when Jeff Rose was in basic training, he was handed two duffel bags and a rucksack filled with every essential item for Army life. Among the standard-issue items were a canteen, boots, uniform, a flashlight, and a 258-page opus called the IET Soldier’s Handbook.

Every solider gets a copy of the IET (Initial Entry Training) Soldier’s Handbook. It is their survival guide, operation manual, and answer book for Army life.

Jeff Rose studied this book inside out, backwards, and forwards, and even memorized key pages by heart. This book has saved his life more times than he can count.

And here’s where it gets strange . . .

Was the Secret to Financial Freedom
in Jeff’s Army Training Book?

While on duty, Jeff faced enemy fire, encountered IEDs (improvised explosive devices), and patrolled the dangerous streets of Baghdad.

But during his downtime, Jeff didn’t go out drinking with his Army buddies like most others did. Instead, Jeff shut himself away in his bunker and took online classes to become a chartered retirement planning counselor (CRPC) . . . one of the stepping-stones toward becoming a full-fledged CFP (certified financial planner).

And while he was studying to become a CRPC, he couldn’t help but notice the parallels between his rigorous Army training and tackling tough financial challenges.

He realized fighting debt, defending your savings, and expanding your investment growth . . . was a lot like going into battle. And every battle needs a plan. And that’s how he developed his unique, Army-based, 14-week financial plan.

This Proven 14-Week Plan Works
No Matter the Battle!

Jeff Rose developed his 14-week financial plan so that anyone can use it to get debt-free, build wealth, and retire comfortably.

It works if you have a lot of or little debt. It works if you have a strong retirement account or nothing saved. It works even if you have very little extra income to invest with!

Let me share just a few points of what you’ll discover in Jeff Rose’s book, Soldier of Finance . . .

  • A FREE form (it only takes five minutes to fill out) that could save you up to $100,000 in debt payments . . . get the website for the form on page 55
  • How to turn a $50 automatic monthly contribution into a million dollars . . .
    (pg. 144)
  • On page 39, Jeff Rose will reveal how doing a “SPIT Report” can get you debt-free faster than anything else you do. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is!
  • Eight potential “landmines” you might find on your credit report that could destroy your financial identity (pg. 57)
  • Dirty tricks the credit card companies use to keep you in debt . . . (pg. 71)

PLUS — Jeff Rose will show you how your car (even if you got it used) actually could cost you an extra $680,946 in “hidden fees.” You’re paying it without knowing . . . and it’s not interest, insurance, or gas! Find out what this insidious expense is that nearly every American is unknowingly paying for on page 102.

There’s more . . .

  • Find out what “good thing” you should NEVER do with your credit card that can surprisingly hurt your credit score . . . (pg. 71)
  • The No. 1 obstacle to paying off your debts . . . (pg. 110)
  • How a woman gave up her job — to have a child — yet paid off over $70,000 of debt in a short amount of time using Jeff’s strategies . . . (pg. 108)
  • An “alternative investment” that earns 9% a year (it’s not stocks, bonds, or anything like that) . . . (pg. 161)
  • Four of the deadliest “camouflaged” investments bankers promote to you that will destroy your finances . . . (pg. 134)
  • How to afford a European family vacation every summer using this one weird luxury trick . . . (pg. 101)

HOW ABOUT THIS? Do you hate budgeting with a passion? Can’t keep your checkbook balanced? Most people get headaches crunching numbers. That’s why Jeff recommends using “tactical budgeting” and “sensitive items reporting” instead. It’s easy and you only have to do it short-term. Get the details on page 118.

Here’s more . . .

  • How to take control of your 401(k) so your employer doesn’t mess it up . . . (pg.168)
  • When house ownership is a bad idea (even if you can afford it) . . . (pg. 185)
  • Five types of insurance you absolutely must have (The fifth one will surprise you — most Americans don’t have it, and could literally cost you millions!) . . . (pg. 189)

Here’s How to Get Your FREE COPY of
Jeff Rose’s Soldier of Finance Today!

When I read this book, I was blown away at how simple and effective Jeff’s 14-week plan was. I put many of his strategies into action in my own personal financial life . . . and by week 14, I had already seen some amazing results

And I just knew that I had to get it into the hands of Newsmax readers like you. I knew that you would benefit just like the thousands of readers, fans, and subscribers of Jeff Rose.

That’s why — at my company’s own expense — I went ahead and ordered 10,000 copies to share with you today!

To be absolutely clear — I want to send you this book for FREE today!

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