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More than 80 million Americans make up the baby boomers — and astoundingly, many of them have done little planning for their retirement!

A Wells Fargo study found that 72% of middle-class Americans say they should have started saving earlier for retirement. The study reveals that half of those in their 50’s say they’ll need to work to age 80 because they haven’t saved enough for retirement.

Now, the author of the number one New York Times bestseller The Obamacare Survival Guide, has just published DaVinci’s Baby Boomer Survival Guide.

This is your how-to roadmap on how you can not only build your wealth, and protect it, but even grow it during your retirement.

Authors Barbara Rockefeller and Nick Tate team up to craft this comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide that covers all the significant financial, healthcare, and lifestyle-related decisions. It covers these key issues in a way that will positively impact your quality of life for decades to come!

Don’t run out of money in retirement! Thrive. This guide shows you step by step how to live better and live smarter.

Here’s a brief look at some of the advice and money saving tips inside the Baby Boomer Survival Guide:

  • On page 19, you’ll learn how to calculate the cost of retirement so you can establish a solid financial plan to sustain you — worry-free — for the rest of your
    . . .
  • On page 59, you’ll learn a simple but weird trick for bumping up every Social Security payment by as much as 25%. This filing method can result in up to $170,000 in additional income in your lifetime . . .
  • On page 177, you’ll find the 7 key questions and answers to long-term healthcare — and on page 197, the type of Medicare plan that works best for you and your budget . . .
  • On page 198, you’ll see how to have 100% of your Medicare expenses waived . . .
  • On page 72, you’ll discover how a reverse mortgage works and whether it’s the right option for you . . .
  • On page 79, you’ll be able to compare the advantages of renting versus buying a home — and whether or not your best option is retiring abroad (page 87) . . .
  • On page 83 you’ll learn about the best states to move to — states with low taxes, great services and fantastic healthcare.
  • On pages 105-106, you’ll discover ways to minimize — if not eliminate — federal estate tax and state inheritance taxes . . .
  • On pages 131-156, you’ll find the “11 Rules for Investing Success” to protect yourself from financial ruin and create a steady stream of profitable investments . . .
  • On page 204, you’ll discover the millionaire’s trick for avoiding some major Obamacare problems . . .
  • On page 237 you’ll find valuable information on key health screenings that improve longevity . . .
  • On page 245, you’ll discover the one FUN exercise that will dramatically reduce your risk for health complications, including dementia and heart disease. And it only takes a few minutes per day . . .
  • On page 293, you’ll learn the secret to living a long and healthy life, including lessons learned from individuals who have maintained active lifestyles for more than a century!

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