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Finance legend Barbara Rockefeller and best-selling self-help author Nick Tate teamed up to create the complete guidebook for rebooting your retirement dreams — it’s the Baby Boomer Survival Guide: Live, Prosper, and Thrive in Your Retirement.

This DaVinci Guide is already a #1 best-seller and Newsmax calls it the "essential guide" for boomers and retirees who want to live in prosperity during their golden years.

Here’s a scary fact: 19% of American have no assets for retirement.

And worse: Those who do have some retirement savings won’t have enough money to live comfortably through their entire retirement. In fact half of those in their 50s say they’ll need to work to age 80 because they haven’t saved enough to retire.

Every single day the number of retirees swells by 10,000 Americans each day — joining a huge population of people who in many cases have done little or no planning.

Now, the Baby Boomer Survival Guide does the work for you! Because the contents of this book are so important — and so vital to our readers — Newsmax is taking the extraordinary step of giving away 10,000 copies absolutely free with today’s offer — that’s a value of almost $20!

The Baby Boomer Survival Guide (cover price, $19.95) is a practical guide to optimizing every aspect of the rest of your life — maximizing investment returns, preserving your nest egg, enjoying healthy aging, getting great healthcare at an affordable price, living in comfort, and knowing that you’ll be OK no matter what.

In the Baby Boomer Survival Guide renowned financial expert Barbara Rockefeller reveals the secrets of retirees who not only keep their wealth during retirement but often grow it!

This Guide is chock-full of strategies, tips, and loopholes that will make your retirement truly the best years of your life:

  • Preparing for the shocking impact of unexpected medical expenses. This is the #1 cause of crushing the wealth of retirees — the Guide reveals key steps to prevent a medical catastrophe from wiping you out. Remember: Crushing medical bills now account for three of five bankruptcy filings, affecting 1.7 million people a year.
  • Avoiding the fraud trap. Older Americans make up 15 percent of the population, but account for nearly one-third of fraud victims. The Guide shares ways you can stop becoming a victim.
  • Find the best assisted living! The quality of assisted living facilities ranges from awful to the equivalent of a first-class hotel. In the Guide you’ll find out how you can pre-plan top-notch care if you ever need it!
  • The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s AgeLab asked nearly 200 MIT alumni (average age, 79) their top advice for new retirees. You can find out their 4 simple tips to a safe and secure retirement.

It’s all in the Baby Boomer Survival Guide: Live, Prosper, and Thrive
in Your Retirement. Get your FREE copy now — order below!

  • Doing business: Millions of seniors are discovering they have talents to make money. "If you are self-employed, there is no age limit" on your career, the Guide reveals — listing the best money-making business opportunities for seniors.
  • How to make money selling online from your kitchen table. The Guide names the 2 best websites that make it easy to get started and help you succeed.
  • Dramatically increase your Social Security payments. It’s totally legal and millions of Americans apply for benefits without knowing these strategies.
  • 4 Social Security optimization strategies that actually work. We also reveal the millions of phony "tricks" that are floating around on the Internet.

It’s all in the Baby Boomer Survival Guide: Live, Prosper, and Thrive
in Your Retirement. Get your FREE copy now — order below!

  • 3 ways to turn your home into a cash machine. Reverse mortgages offer one viable way to stay in your own home, provided you safeguard yourself from potential fraud and fine-print deals — we explain what you must know!
  • Rent your next home, or buy? Our experts reveal the best strategy for your future.
  • Top 10 factors in choosing a great community to retire to — it’s not always the taxes!
  • 5 best states with incredible tax benefits and quality of life for your retirement.
  • Top 15 countries for retiring abroad. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have discovered the best places in the world to retire, cutting their expenses by as much as 50 percent while improving their overall lifestyle!
  • Top 5 tips for buying and overseas property, plus the name of a top U.S. law firm to help you do it safely.
  • Pass your estate to your heirs with little or no taxes while avoiding costly probate fees! It’s possible but you need to plan . . . the Guide tells you how.
  • Barbara Rockefeller’s simple rules for trading and investment success. Her clients and subscribers pay substantial fees for Barbara’s wealth management advice. You’ll get these tips for free starting on page 129.
  • 6 reasons people avoid getting financial advice that could make their lives so much better. No. 2 is shocking. Double your dividend income. It’s a secret shared by top brokers with their best clients. We let you on the strategy!

It’s all in the Baby Boomer Survival Guide: Live, Prosper, and Thrive
in Your Retirement. Get your FREE copy now — order below!

  • Medicare tricks. Everyone over 65 is covered by Medicare, but few know the tricks and loopholes that allow you to dramatically reduce or eliminate out of pocket expenses. The Baby Boomer Survival Guide shows you how.
  • 8 key health tests and screenings many doctors never use that reveal your health risks and help you improve longevity.
  • Discover the one FUN exercise that will dramatically reduce your risk for health complications, including dementia and heart disease. And it only takes a few minutes per day.
  • The 100 Club — learn the secret to living a long and healthy life, including lessons learned from individuals who have maintained active lifestyles for more than a century of life!
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