By Nicholas Moccia
Franklin Prosperity Report

Dear Concerned American,

Baby Boomers are facing an unprecedented retirement crisis.

About 10,000 Americans will turn age 65 each day over the next two decades. Yet fewer than one in four will have saved enough money for retirement.

Chances are you’re likely to live longer than you may have thought—a lot longer. In terms of longevity, 80 truly is the new 60.

Americans over age 85 years are now the fastest-growing segment of the population. And the number of Americans living past age 100 is up 44% just since the year 2000!

Government programs and pensions aren’t keeping up. For nearly one in four seniors on Medicare, out-of-pocket medical expenses will exhaust all of their assets and savings in the final years of life.

And the average Social Security check today is a pathetic $1,415 a month!

Money woes can mean misery in your golden years. If you’re always worried about money it can take all the joy out of being retired. But there’s great news.

It’s not too late to . . .

Live the Retirement of Your Dreams
Without Fear of Running Out of Money


Even if you have low savings and no pension, you can still navigate your way to a fulfilling, active, and financially-secure retirement.

And now there’s a proven plan that can help you do it. And, for a limited time, you can get your copy Baby Boomer Survival Guide, 2nd Edition for FREE!

It’s the authoritative retirement roadmap from financial experts and New York Times bestselling authors Barbara Rockefeller and Nick J. Tate. This 351-page guide is packed with powerful tips that can help you live the retirement of your dreams.

For example, you’ll discover how to:


Boost Your Total Social Security
Payout Up to $103,200!

How can you get every penny you are owed and more from Social Security? It depends on when you decide to collect and how long you live.

In the Baby Boomer Survival Guide, 2nd Edition, you’ll discover the inside story with advice from a former Social Security administrator.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Determine the Best Age for You to Start Collecting Social Security. Understand the best choices for when both you and your spouse decide to collect. See page 50.
  • Boost Your Monthly Social Security Check by 76%: This little-known strategy can help you get a much larger monthly payment. See page 52.
  • Get Every Penny You’re Entitled to and MORE from Social Security: If you plan on living past age 78, here’s when you should start collecting. See page 52.
  • Increase Your Social Security Payout by Up to $103,200. Here’s the secret that could be worth six figures of extra income during your retirement. See page 51.
  • And much more . . .

Live Like a King in Retirement . . .
No Matter How Much Money You Have

Your golden years weren’t meant for pinching pennies. Discover how you can stretch your monthly income to go much further. The Baby Boomer Survival Guide, 2nd Edition reveals proven secrets such as:

  • How to Retire Overseas on $1,250 a Month or Less. Here are six great places where a limited budget goes much further — even tropical, beachfront paradises. See page 88.
  • The Best Communities to Retire: Discover the best U.S. locations for the ideal blend of great lifestyle, low living costs, arts and culture, and high-quality healthcare. See page 82.
  • U.S. States with Lowest Taxes: This tip alone can save you thousands every year. See page 86.
  • Should You Rent or Buy Your Home? In some cities renting can save you thousands each year. Here’s how to tell which is best for you. See page 79.
  • Reverse Mortgages: Are they Right for You? Discover the pitfalls of reverse mortgages and other options to convert your home equity into cash. See the do’s and don’ts on page 74.
  • Stretch Your Retirement Income Much Further: Here are some of the best and least-expensive places to live in the U.S. See page 287.

Protect Your Estate from Big Brother’s Greedy Hands

Your nest-egg no matter how great or small, is far too precious to be left in the hands of the state. The Baby Boomer Survival Guide, 2nd Edition will show you how to protect your estate and save thousands.

You'll discover how to:

  • Escape Federal Estate Taxes: This strategy can help reduce current income taxes and escape inheritance taxes. See page 103.
  • Know If You Need a Living Trust: A living trust can avoid probate and court and attorney fees. Here’s how to know if it’s right for you. See page 117.
  • Write Your Own Will for FREE: Here are free or very low cost ways to create your own will. See page 113.
  • Avoid Capital Gains Taxes: This type of trust has double tax advantages. It avoids both capital gains and estate taxes. See page 123.
  • Protect Your Assets from Creditors, Lawsuits, or Divorce: Discover an inexpensive way to protect your assets and keep the courts out of your business. See page 121.

Live It Up WITHOUT Outliving Your Money!

How can you boost your retirement income?

The Baby Boomer Survival Guide, 2nd Edition will show you simple steps that will help you boost your investment returns without taking risks that keep you up at night.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Protect Your Nest Egg in a Bear Market: Stocks have been in a bull market for more than 10 years. On page 133, you’ll discover a simple strategy that would result in zero losses if stocks crash.
  • Avoid Money Manager Fees: Typical money managers charge a 1.5 percent annual fee. Here’s how to get the same great investments and avoid these costs. See page 133.
  • Grow Rich and Sleep Well at Night: This investing tip allows you to stay invested in the stock market but limit your losses and lock in your gains automatically. Of all the tools in a trader’s toolkit, it’s the number one essential. See page 140.
  • Avoid Frauds and Scams: Here are 8 common investing scams that can cost investors their life savings. What you need to know. See page 154.
  • Pick the Best Investments: This rule of the “Five Ps” can help ensure that you get great investment returns with much lower risk. See page 154.
  • Double Your Dividend Income: Discover how to create more dividend income — even from non-dividend stocks. See page 148.
  • Start Your Own Business After Retirement: Here are great resources to help you get funding, consulting, networking and much more. See page 35.
  • And much more . . .
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Create Your Perfect Retirement Plan

5 Steps to the Perfect Retirement Plan

Retirement planning and investment advice are two different things. In the Baby Boomer Survival Guide, 2nd Edition, you’ll see step-by-step how to create a retirement plan that will help you:

  • Know exactly what your monthly income will be in retirement.
  • Decide the absolute best time to take social security.
  • Minimize taxes on your investment.
  • Determine if you should pay off your mortgage or consider a reverse mortgage.
  • Choose whether to keep life insurance policies or buy annuities or long-term care insurance [p.159].
  • And much more . . .

How do you balance how much you spend each month with creating your ideal retirement lifestyle? It all starts with a solid retirement plan.

The Baby Boomer Survival Guide, 2nd Edition is your step-by-step roadmap for choosing how you want to live in retirement and then making it happen. This free, 351-page guide shows you how to:

  • Calculate How Much Money You’ll Need to Retire: Get this life expectancy estimate using a simple calculator. See page 9.

  • Prosper with Solid Financial Planning: 90 percent of people who do this are happy with their financial plan. See page 21.

  • Create Your Own Retirement Plan: If you’re interested in managing your own finances, here are great guides to help you. See page 166.

  • Avoid the “Fatal Flaw” in the “4 Percent Rule”: The old rule was that you could withdraw 4 percent of your nest egg every year and not run out of money for 30 years. But this was based on old assumptions. Here’s what you need to know. See page 171.

The Monster Under the Bed: Long-Term Care

Seventy percent of Americans age 65 and older will need some type of long-term care. But only one in 12 has purchased any type of long-term care insurance.

Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care. It’s a situation that could instantly eat up your retirement savings. The Baby Boomer Survival Guide, 2nd Edition will show you how to prepare and protect yourself.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Choose the Best Types of Long-Term Care Insurance: See page 180.
  • Get Your Life Insurance Policy to Pay for Long-Term Care: See page 181 for two great little-known strategies.
  • Make the Government Pay for Your Long-term Care: See page 183.
  • Find the Best Assisted Living and Retirement Homes: The quality of assisted living facilities ranges from awful to the equivalent of a first-class golf resort. Here’s one of the best sources of unbiased reviews of the best facilities in the area you want to live. See page 11.
  • And much more . . .

Develop Your “Medicare Game Plan”:
The Smartest Way to Plan for
Healthcare Costs in Retirement

Choosing between all of the Medicare plans can be confusing and frustrating. One study showed that even doctors in training couldn’t figure it out.

Medicare only covers about 60 percent of medical expenses. The estimate for non-covered out-of-pocket expenses under Medicare can still easily exceed $250,000 for a couple.

  • Pick the Right Medicare Plan for You: It can be daunting to pick the right Medicare plan among Medicare Parts A through D. In some states there are hundreds of choices available. See how to find the best choices for you on page 194.
  • Save Big $$$ on Medicare: Confusion about Medicare has allowed con artists to rip off seniors. Here are common scams and how to protect yourself. See page 209.
  • Avoid Medicare Scams: If you’re interested in managing your own finances, here are great guides to help you. See page 166.
  • Get Medicare to Pay for Your Health Club Membership: See page 211.
  • Save Thousands on Drug Costs: Here are simple strategies that can save you thousands each year on your prescription drug costs. See page 275.
  • And much more . . .

Live a More Rewarding, More Enjoyable Life!

Retirement means reinvention and reawakening. The Baby Boomer Survival Guide, 2nd Edition can help you move forward with your own personal plan for living well — financially, socially, physically, and mentally for a long, healthy rewarding retirement.

In the Baby Boomer Survival Guide, 2nd Edition, you’ll discover how you can expand—not limit — your interests, hobbies, social network, community involvement, career pursuits and personal goals in retirement. You can live a bigger, more rewarding, more enjoyable life — if you take the smart steps now.

Maximize Your Government Benefits. Earn More Income, and SAVE THOUSANDS EACH YEAR!

This 351-page guide will show you how to avoid common mistakes that can literally wreck your retirement. Instead of worrying about when your money may run out, you’ll have peace of mind to live on your terms. It’s the roadmap for making your golden years the best years of your life!

Don’t leave your later years to chance. Retire in comfort and peace-of-mind with this essential guide.


Even if you have low savings and no pension, the proven steps found in this book can dramatically improve your retirement.

Don’t let another month go by without the Baby Boomer Survival Guide, 2nd Edition. A secure, enjoyable retirement can be easier than you ever thought possible, once you have the Baby Boomer Survival Guide, 2nd Edition working for you!

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