How would you like to retire five years earlier than you planned, and then spend the next 16 years sailing across the world on an enjoyable vacation?

Or, how would you like to retire on the money that you have saved up . . . right now . . . and never worry about "not having enough."

Or, how would you like to retire with such incredible financial health . . . that you actually inspire your accountant to use the same plan in order to retire early himself?

Well, that's exactly what happened to Dave and Linda Allen.

And today, you'll discover how to make your retirement dreams a reality as well . . . whether you are already in retirement or years away from retiring, a mega-millionaire or living paycheck to paycheck!

In fact, it's possible that you may find yourself retiring within the next five years . . . Heck, you might be able to retire this week. And that's no exaggeration.

10 Ways to Guarantee You Won't Outlive Your Money
10 Ways to Guarantee You Won't Outlive Your Money

It's all thanks to an incredible book called How to Retire the Cheapskate Way by Jeff Yeager.

Jeff may possibly be one of the most unconventional thinkers in the world of retirement planning . . . but also the most effective.

Using the advice in his book, Jeff retired a full 20 years early at the age of 46 . . . and has remained unconcerned about having enough money to get by ever since.

To be clear, Jeff wasn't a multimillionaire or anything like that. He worked as a CEO in the nonprofit sector for 24 years, earning a maximum of $75,000 a year between himself and his wife.

Since then, Jeff has been brought in by the U.S. Navy to offer financial management and savings training to veteran families. He's also the official "Savings Expert" for AARP, the premier retirement resource for lifestyle tips, news, and educational information for retirees and near-retirees. As their expert, Jeff provides money-saving information to AARP's 40 million-plus members, and he has been brought in to consult with CNN, ABC, CNBC, Fox News, PBS, and dozens of local TV stations around the country.

In short, Jeff knows his stuff. He has been living everything he talks about in his book for decades.

In How to Retire the Cheapskate Way, Jeff reveals . . .

  • The #1 retirement killer (make sure to avoid this, so that all the puzzle pieces to a smooth retirement will fall into place) (pg. 37)
  • How to add $700 (or more) per month to your income, without getting a second job . . . and how this strategy could actually give you a chance at slashing your expenses later in life (pg. 80)
  • Find out how quickly you can retire with a simple four-point quiz (the results will shock you; more people can realistically retire right now than you could ever imagine!) (pg. 77)
  • How to avoid getting wiped out in the market using the "Tontogany" secret (pg. 28)
  • How to get a FREE 50% boost to your retirement savings using the little-known "Form 8880" (pg. 99)
  • The "Big Binder Corollary" that's costing you thousands per year (pg. 48)
  • A 30-second trick to rev up your fuel efficiency (pg. 92)
  • The little-known chart that eliminates many of the lies you've been told about retirement (pg. 68)
  • The critical steps to buying a forever-home you can use as an asset in retirement rather than a burden (not having this information destroys more retirement dreams than taxes) (pg. 152)
  • Henry David Thoreau's "secret key" to an easy retirement (pg. 147)
  • How to save $10,000 or more . . . per year! (ALL of chapter 9)
  • And much more.

In 306 pages, Jeff has covered a lot of ground.

He also shares the stories of 14 different men, women, and families (such as the Allens) who have implemented his strategies to rebound from losses . . . to improve their lives . . . and to start living on their terms.

I want to send you this book today for only $5.95!

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Christian Hill
Financial Publisher
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