You Could Save Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Your Taxes This Year!


Here’s an outrageous fact — 80% of Americans who file their tax returns overpay by as much as $12,611 every year.

And it’s all because they don’t know about the hundreds of perfectly legal ways to lower their tax bill. But as of today that’s not going to happen to you.

To show you how to keep more of your hard-earned money, we’re going to give you 270 proven tips for keeping your taxes legally low — in an award-winning new book titled Deduct Everything, by Eva Rosenberg, enrolled agent and wildly popular tax columnist for

This book is filled with hundreds of write-offs, tax breaks, credits, and legal loopholes that can literally save you a fortune — and it’s yours absolutely FREE with this special offer.

I’ll tell you more about how you can claim your FREE COPY in a minute, but first I want to show you some of the astounding tax-saving tips you’ll find.

Some are whoppers that can instantly slash your bill by thousands, others are simple, insider secrets that whittle down your bill bit by bit until it is as low as it can possibly get. For example . . .

  • You can dramatically increase your mortgage interest deduction after you refinance. Thanks to a little-known provision of the IRS you may get not only a huge deduction, but also cash to buy up an income-generating rental property. The key is to never let this money hit your personal bank account. Don’t worry, page 49 will walk you through all the details.

FREE TIP #1: Tax credits are worth more than deductions!

Here’s something most people don’t realize: A tax credit is worth more than a deduction, because it lowers your tax bill dollar for dollar. For example, if you’re in the 25% tax bracket, every dollar you deduct is worth 25 cents. However, each dollar of tax credits is worth a full dollar. For a list of the best tax credits check out chapter 6 when you get your FREE COPY of Deduct Everything with this special offer.

  • The most overlooked tax deduction — I’ve met accountants who don’t know this. If you’ve got an RV, motorcycle, boat or other “toy,” page 41 reveals the deduction you can take — right down to the line on schedule A where you’ll put the dollar amount.
  • Get the government to help pay your energy bill.
    Page 61 shows you the best way to get your hands on this money — and even how it can make you extra cash when you sell your home.
  • Here’s a medical deduction you’re probably missing. Buried deep in the tax code is this gem — you can legally deduct the cost of medical travel. Page 116 shows you how to deduct hotel stays for out-of-town care, miles driving to and from doctors, therapists, labs and more.
  • How big will your refund be when you discover the trick to making almost everything in your home tax deductible? Page 88 explains what to do so you can deduct everything from groceries and homeowners insurance to big-screen TVs and a professional landscaper. Perfectly legal.
  • Give your grandkids money for college without paying a dime in gift taxes. If you follow the tip on page 184 you’ll be able to give them as much as you want without paying gift taxes. This is a gift they’ll never forget.
  • Do you do your own taxes? I’ll bet you anything you’re missing the 9 additional adjustments you can make on your 1040 Form. Page 229 brings you the hidden adjustments straight out of the IRS instructions that could help you save a bundle.
  • Pay zero taxes on required minimum distributions (RMDs). Once you reach the age of 70½ you’ll have to start taking distributions from your IRA. Since you got to put the money in without paying taxes, you have to pay up when you take the money out — that is, unless you’re aware of the special provision on page 156. There you’ll learn how you can make a donation from your IRA direct to your favorite charity. You get two big benefits: The donation counts as your required distribution and you don’t pay taxes on the amount you withdrew.

FREE TIP #2: Get the government to pay you to take care of your family members!

Let’s say your mom isn’t well. She can still live in her own home, but you need to stop by her place a few times a day with meals or maybe help her with medications. Or maybe she stays at your place. The government will pay you to take care of her or any family members in need. Here’s more good news: In January of 2014 the IRS ruled that this income isn’t taxable. You pay zero taxes on the money you earn! Get more amazing tax-saving strategies right now when you claim your FREE COPY of Deduct Everything today.

These secrets alone could easily save you thousands, and I haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s inside this award-winning new book you’ll be getting FREE as part of this wealth-building offer. For example . . .

  • Collect rent payments the IRS doesn’t count as income. Page 74.
  • Why you should never, ever donate your car no matter how worthwhile the organization. Page 139.
  • The tax break that less than half of all eligible Americans take advantage of. If you’re entitled to it, why not take it? Page 22.
  • How to deduct medical costs for a dependent who isn’t a dependent. Page 112.
  • Get the IRS to waive penalties if you’ve made a mistake on your taxes. Everyone should know what’s on page 207.
  • Shhhh. Don’t tell, but the 3 deductions on page 40 usually slip right past the IRS.
  • Why you should always speak with a tax professional before making any big financial decisions. Page 37 is so important.
  • 13 tax no-nos that could trigger an audit. The list begins on page 203.
  • And much, much more.

Deduct Everything brings you hundreds of ways to increase your IRS refund. You’ll see how to slash taxes in every area of your life, from education and charitable donations to medical and dental expenses to home and property deductions to investment and retirement savings, and more.

FREE TIP #3: Why you need to
keep your tax returns forever.

You don’t need to keep everything forever . . . but do keep tax returns forever. People are often shocked when the IRS or state pops up saying a tax return has never been filed for a given year, five or 10 years ago. Without a copy of that tax return, it’s nearly impossible to prove that you did file. The return doesn’t take up much space. And you can even scan them (preferably as PDF files), as long as you are certain the copies are clean, readable, and retrievable a decade from now. Do you need all the backup records that went with the return? Not necessarily. But keep those for at least six to seven years.

You’ll find the big secrets to getting the best tax benefits . . . The tricks that make keeping tax records amazingly easy . . . 7 signs you can (and should) do your own taxes . . . Instant way to tell if your tax preparer is operating illegally . . . You’ll save in every area of your life . . .

  • When it comes to state taxes, there are the 3 big deductions most people miss — including tax pros. The amount you’re deducting can easily add up to thousands of dollars.
  • Do you own a second home? You probably know you can deduct the mortgage interest on your main residence. But did you know you can also deduct it on another property you own? You can even pick the two homes with the highest interest deductions. All the details you need are on page 48.
  • Thinking of installing new doors and windows to get a tax break? People work themselves into a frenzy to nab this credit, but it’s a total waste of time! The credit you’ll get from the IRS is next to nothing. For a far better energy credit — one that gives you back 30% of what you spend — see page 62.
  • The retirement account you probably never heard of that can earn you up to 6 times the interest of today’s money markets. Turn to page 180 to learn how you can open this no-fee account for as little as $1.
  • Why a whole life insurance policy is a better way to save for college than a 529 plan. The policyholder can use the money without having to track the cost of books and supplies. Page 190 gives you the details.
  • Here’s a giant tax break for volunteers. Do you deliver Meals on Wheels? Shuttle people to and from doctor appointments or meetings? Page 96 reveals how to get a tax break for all the good you’re doing.

As long as we’re talking about helping others, you’ll want to make sure you read about tax traps that can come from donating on sites, such as GoFundMe. On page 120 you’ll learn how to donate money without generating a huge tax bill for the people you’re trying to help.

Believe it or not, you’re in control of how much you pay Uncle Sam, your state, the city you live in, even how much you pay in sales taxes and more. Why pay a penny more in taxes than you need to?

Slash your tax bills and keep your hard-earned money! Get your FREE copy of Deduct Everything right now!

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FREE BONUS TIP: Here’s how you can take money out of your IRA and grow it tax FREE!

You probably already know you don’t have to worry about taking minimum distributions if your money is in a Roth IRA. So, when you take a minimum distribution from your IRA or other retirement accounts, roll the funds into your Roth IRA. You will pay tax on those distributions to satisfy the IRS, but the funds rolled into your Roth IRA will continue to grow tax-free. Now you can use all the money whenever you want without paying taxes when you take it out.

Deduct Everything is hands down the best book out there on cutting your taxes and getting a bigger refund. No one — and I mean absolutely no one — knows the special provisions of the IRS or is more on top of the tax code than Eva Rosenberg.

Luckily for all of us, she is a genius with a gift for transforming the four-million-word, impossible-to-read tax code into 270 tips you can easily understand and use to legally save thousands of dollars.

Normally this book sells for $19.99. And it’s a total bargain at that price. But if you act fast you can get it FREE with this special offer. I set aside 2,016 copies so I could give them to readers like you who don’t want to pay a dime more than they owe in taxes. And because you know the wealth-building power of saving money, I decided to sweeten the deal even more.

So here’s what you’ll get when you act today:

  1. A FREE copy of the award-winning book Deduct Everything, with 270 of the smartest, easiest-to-understand, biggest tax-cutting secrets ever.
  1. A one-year risk-free subscription to The Franklin Prosperity Report (regularly $49.95/year) for only $9.95. This 16-page monthly newsletter brings you the latest advice from a host of top-shelf, expert contributors on how you can save money on everyday expenses like groceries and cellphone bills, and cut costs on big-ticket items like insurance, travel, taxes, healthcare and so much more, so you can secure the retirement you deserve. Here are just a few things covered in recent issues:
    • 6 types of insurance that are a waste of money — including “final expense” insurance . . .
    • The best way to invest in gold and silver without getting ripped off . . .
    • 3 things everyone pays too much for . . .
    • How to save thousands on healthcare right now . . .
    • Pay zero taxes — 22 strategies to reduce or eliminate your tax bill — all perfectly legal . . .
    • Best way to get low-risk, steady returns in retirement

Act now to get your FREE copy of Deduct Everything with your one-year risk-free subscription to The Franklin Prosperity Report for the low introductory rate of $9.95. This is the perfect combination of money-saving, wealth-building advice you need. You'd pay a fortune to get this kind of advice from a tax professional, but right now it’s all yours FREE.

Save thousands on your taxes for 2017.

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