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It’s no secret.

College costs are going through the roof.

A four-year degree at a private university costs a staggering $181,480!

Even a public university education can set you back a whopping $80,360.

Monthly student loan payments after college average about $380 per month!

It’s more than most young adults and their families can bear.

But here’s good news . . .

There’s nearly $250 billion in financial aid available to students — with almost HALF of that ($120 billion) in FREE grant and scholarship money. That’s right. I said BILLIONS!

And we’re going to show you how you can get this money for your child or grandchild.

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How to Pay for College With No Debt or as Little as Possible!

Astor is a recognized expert in college financing and is the best-selling author of a dozen books on how to finance life’s transition from college to retirement.

You’ve probably seen or heard Bart on ABC’s Good Morning America, NPR’s Marketplace, AARP radio or Boomers Rock radio. He is also the publisher and founder of the College Planning Quarterly.

And his latest book, Graduate From College Debt-Free, is jam-packed with practical, smart and savvy ways to pay for college without falling into the trap of burdensome debt.

Bart is a passionate believer that any student should go to the college of his or her choice — regardless of cost.

In fact, Bart shows you how choosing to go to the most expensive private university may actually be cheaper than attending the local public college . . .

 . . . IF you know the right financing strategies.

Even if you haven’t saved one dime for college, Bart shows how you, your child or grandchild can still attend college without racking up tons of debt.

In Graduate From College Debt-Free, Bart reveals:

  • Why you don’t have to pay the full sticker price for college. What ALL colleges are required to tell you about a cheaper tuition alternative. Page 2
  • How to waive one full year of college costs. Easy once you know this. Page 17
  • The tax loophole that could add $28,000 a year in tax-free money to your college fund. Perfectly legal. Plus the $2,500 yearly tax credit you could be eligible for. Page 21
  • The three forms of student financial aid. Pros and cons of each and which ones could work for you. The discussion starts on page 23.
  • How to qualify for a merit-based scholarship. It’s not just about grades or financial need. What you must know to tap into this free money you don’t have to pay back! Page 34
  • Colleges require you to calculate the EFC — expected family contribution. Where to find the best formula so you’re eligible for the most financial aid possible. Page 36
  • How to qualify for a state educational grant . . . even if you don’t live in the state! Page 39
  • Veteran? Yes the GI Bill is alive and well. You could get $21,000 in tuition costs plus stipends for books and living expenses. And these benefits may be fully transferrable to non-veterans! The details are on page 43.
  • How to defer interest accruing on your student loan for months, even years. Little-known government secret makes it possible. Page 47
  • The best time to apply for financial aid. Plus the 7-point checklist to make applying easier. Miss the deadline and you could lose out on thousands of dollars. Page 53
  • The simplest way to prepay your college tuition and lock in tuition costs years ahead of time. Bonus: The funds may be withdrawn without a tax penalty! Page 99
  • Warning! Watch out for these college financing scams. You’ll only waste your money. Page 101
  • The common mistake many freshman students make which causes them to lose their financial aid. No, it’s not flunking out. Page 106
  • The 10 questions to ask yourself and your lender if you absolutely have to borrow money for school. Number 8 could save you thousands of dollars in interest. Page 115
  • Plus . . . the best loan repayment plan to fit your income and your budget. Page 118
  • The pros and cons of online courses. Cheaper? Better? Are they right for you? Page 134
  • And so much more!

Get Every Bit of the $250 Billion in Financial Aid
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Applying for college is difficult enough. But navigating the complicated madness of financial aid is hell. You simply don’t have the time to research all of your college financial aid options yourself. So Graduate From College Debt-Free does it for you in this easy-to-read book.

Plus, Bart shows you the actual online application screens and safely guides you step-by-step through the challenging world of filling out financial aid applications correctly.

One simple mistake and you could lose out on thousands of dollars!

And Bart reveals the wide range of grants and scholarships you may not know even exist. He even warns you about which scholarships aren’t worth your time. You’ll save hours and heartache on that one nugget alone.

You’ll be happy to know that Graduate From College Debt-Free contains no sneaky tricks or questionable actions. There’s no skirting of the law or anything that will get you in trouble with the IRS.

Instead you just get honest, straightforward financial aid strategies that work!

Bart wrote this book so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the higher income and quality of life that a college education brings — without worrying about the cost.

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