The Secret to Retiring Earlier,
Wealthier and More Safely
Than You Ever Thought Possible

Say the word retirement and for many it conjures an image of their grandparents — gray hair and slower living. But that’s not today’s retirees — they aren’t embracing the “rocking chair” mindset.

Today, boomers are rocking the retirement world like no other generation. They are more active, more adventurous, healthier, living longer, and want to continue experiencing life to its fullest.

Unfortunately, pensions are thing of the past. Today the rules have changed, and the next generation of retirees is learning that they must adapt financially in order to experience their desired lifestyle.

The Income Revolution gives you the tools to make your life savings work for you so you can live your dream lifestyle. It’s a no-nonsense approach to living the good life, even without a pension, without a few million dollars in the bank, or without being an extraordinary stock picker.

You’ve probably thought about where you would like to live, as well as how you plan to spend your time, when you retire.

But do you know how much money you will need monthly to support the lifestyle you want to enjoy? You’re not alone.

Retirement Income: The Great Differentiator

Before you retire, your focus is entirely on savings. But after you retire, it should be all about generating reliable income from your savings.

Most baby boomers are missing a CRITICAL STEP — income planning.

If you’re like many Americans who are thinking about retirement, you probably have an IRA or 401(k).

But most people don’t have a true retirement income plan. An income plan is a well thought-out strategy that budgets for each of life’s important needs. The plan identifies income streams you can rely on so that you can enjoy a secure financial future.

An income plan will help you determine:

  • Different types of financial investments that generate income.
  • How much income you can draw without depleting your savings.
  • How to put your savings to work for you.
  • How to protect yourself from high-risk unexpected situations.

But I Have Social Security . . .

If you have savings, but Social Security is your only provision for a steady income stream, your situation could get very difficult.

Social Security was never intended to be your sole income in retirement. The Social Security Administration’s own website says it’s only designed to cover about 39% of your total retirement income.

Your hard work deserves a rock-solid retirement strategy. You have spent years of your life accumulating your savings, but you could be a minor medical event away from bankruptcy. It’s more important than ever to build an income stream that can’t be lost due to a medical event or a setback in the stock market.

That’s why more retirees than ever before are building dependable income streams they can’t outlive. The Income Revolution will show you how you can too!

The Good Life Starts With a Solid Plan

Dependable income is not mythical, elusive, or unattainable — and it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

You’ll learn, in easy-to understand language, all the different financial tools used to build your foolproof retirement plan.

Whether you’re already retired, years away from retirement, or expecting to retire in the near future, this book is a must-have to secure your financial freedom.

Get your FREE Copy of The Income Revolution and you’ll learn:

  • 64% of workers admit they’re behind in retirement planning. No worries — page 28 shows you how to catch up.
  • Pensions are disappearing. Page 7 shows you how to build your own.
  • Is your money on a wild ride? Page 62 details how to shield your income from a volatile stock market.
  • Do you know your income in retirement? Page 88 tells you the simple way to determine what you really need.
  • Does your plan have an income gap? Sure-fire way to fill in the gap. See page 109.
  • Getting the most you can from Social Security? Page 54 explains how to be sure!
  • Planning to work in retirement? Page 52 explains the hidden hazards.
  • Should you keep your home when you retire? Page 30 tells you what to consider.
  • And much, much more.

The Income Revolution reveals bullet-proof strategies that ensure you’ll never run out of money no matter how long you live.

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