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From the Current Fraud Watchdog at the AARP . . .

Former Con Artist Shows You
How to Stop Scammers
Dead in Their Tracks

45-year fraud expert reveals all the dirty tricks thieves
use to steal your personal information and how to
protect yourself from their crooked schemes

You’re at great risk of being scammed.

Or even worse . . . your identity being stolen!

Each year, millions of Americans become victims of scams and fraud.

Last year alone the number of fraud victims in the United States reached 16.7 million, costing a total of $16.8 BILLION in damages.

These scams can ruin your life, cost you big money, and you can spend years trying to restore all the damage.

The list of schemes and scams is endless.

There are so many scams that most well-educated people may not have heard of, including investment scams, email scams, and even online dating scams.

Other dangerous scams include:

  • Stealing your tax ID and tax refunds
  • Ripping off your medical identity
  • Online and cybersecurity attacks
  • Identity theft
  • Bogus fundraising scams on behalf of local police departments
  • And hundreds more

The good news is that falling victim to these scams is easily preventable. You don’t have to be the next victim.

Now, you can protect yourself before it’s too late.

Simple Strategies to Protect Your Money,
Personal Information, and Identity

In his brand-new book, Scam Me If You Can, 45-year fraud prevention expert Frank W. Abagnale empowers you with dozens of little-known strategies to defend against today’s most common types of fraud.

Abagnale is currently the fraud watch ambassador for the AARP, the respected 37 million-member nonprofit group.

He has consulted with the FBI and hundreds of other financial institutions around the world to help them in their fight against fraud.

His fraud prevention programs are currently used by more than 14,000 financial institutions, corporations, and law enforcement agencies around the world.

In this eye-opening new book, you’ll discover . . .

  • 5 simple steps you can take to scam-proof your life . . . Page 12
  • How hackers can take control of your car’s computer . . . while you are driving it! Take these 5 steps now, to avoid putting yourself and your passengers in physical danger . . . Page 184
  • 8 things to do NOW before your wallet is stolen, to avoid years’ worth of headaches. And if it is stolen, we show you the 5 things you must do immediately . . . Page 59
  • Why you should never use a password vault to store all your passwords . . . Page 199
  • Why your online passwords aren’t keeping you safe . . . and a safer alternative . . . Page 193
  • The best way to protect your smartphone from being hacked . . . Page 170
  • Downloading apps from ANY website, but especially this one, can infect your Android phone with dangerous malware . . . Page 171
  • The 11 most costly home repair rip-offs . . . and how to avoid them . . . Page 238
  • The Malware Dirty Dozen: How to spot the 12 most dangerous forms of malware and remove them from your phone or computer before any damage is done . . . Page 172
  • 3 things you MUST do BEFORE submitting your personal DNA to any company. Otherwise your privacy could be at risk . . . Page 269
  • 12 ways to determine if a local charity is legit. Check this out before donating another dime . . . Page 284
  • . . . and many, many more! They’re all in Scam Me If You Can.

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Outsmart Today’s Rip-Off
Artists and Identity Thieves!

Scam Me If You Can is packed with simple, step-by-step solutions you can take right now, before you become the next victim.

Former con artist and best-selling author Frank Abagnale knows how scammers work. He should know — he was a con man himself for many years.

His story is so famous, famous director Steven Spielberg made a movie based on it called Catch Me If You Can, starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank!

And just like the movie was a must-see, Frank’s book is a must-read for anyone who wants to protect themselves and their personal information from being stolen.

In Scam Me If You Can he reveals the latest tricks that today’s scammers, hackers, and con artists use to steal your money . . . and identity!

Using plain language and real-life examples, he reveals hundreds of tips you can put into action immediately.

Here are a few more:

  • 4 ways to lock down your Social Security number so it never falls into the wrong hands . . . Page 73
  • 9 ways to protect your online passwords from hackers . . . Page 204
  • Warning: Some phony parking tickets download a nasty virus to your phone or computer when you go to a website that claims to have photos of your alleged violation. Here’s how to tell if a parking ticket left on your windshield is fake . . . Page 184
  • The latest scam that charges you up to $2,000 for missing jury duty . . . Page 152
  • 10 critical rules for avoiding vacation rental scams . . . especially around the holidays . . . Page 235
  • How to prevent your tax refund from being stolen. Warning: You must first stop someone from filing a fake return in your name. Here’s how . . . Page 72
  • How to identify and avoid paying phony bills that look just like the real ones from your utility company . . . Page 132
  • Be VERY suspicious if you get an unsolicited call from Microsoft or Apple warning you about a virus. It could be a scam . . . Page 144

Never Again Worry About Identity Theft

Identity theft can affect more than your bank account or credit cards. It can cause you serious problems for the rest of your life.

And thanks to technology, it’s about 4,000 times easier today for someone to steal your identity than it was 50 years ago.

In fact, it happens every two seconds in America. No one is safe.

But “old school” ways of stealing your identity are just as costly.

To an identity thief, a recycling bin, mailbox, parked car, or a lonely purse sitting on a church pew are like all-you-can-steal buffets. Even gas station and ATM receipts have enough info for scammers to get into your account.

Recovering from identity theft can take years and some folks never get their money back or their reputation restored, making it next to impossible to get a new driver’s license, a new job, a car or home loan, or even a basic credit card.

No one likes to think about identity theft, but it’s a dangerous reality today that is only getting worse. So, you must be proactive and take steps now to assure that it never happens to you.

In Scam Me If You Can, author Frank Abagnale dedicates an entire chapter to how identity thieves work, along with dozens of ways you can protect yourself immediately.

Stay one step ahead of the never-ending attempt by scammers to hijack your identity and financial security. Get your free copy of Scam Me If You Can.

It could be one of the most valuable books you’ll ever read.

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