Dear Concerned American,

I just came across a shocking . . . yet sobering . . . statistic: The average 65-year-old American today will run out of money 10 YEARS TOO SOON!

And that was before the coronavirus pandemic. When the dust finally settles, the numbers are likely to be much worse.

No one knows the full impact of the COVID-19 economic shutdown yet. But it’s clear that some folks will get through it financially far better than others . . . and I’m not only talking about the top 1%.

Financial success is the result of the decisions you make every day. Make enough of the right ones, and you’ll see the rewards in your bank account.

You simply have to discover the secrets of living better for less. But you don’t have to be frugal to live well. Just a few smart decisions can make a huge difference.

The great news is there’s a brand-new guide to help you do it. And you can get your copy FREE. It’s called . . .

The Secrets of Getting Rich:
Amazing Ways to Build Your Wealth

This brand-new, 395-page hardcover guide will show you the little-known money strategies the wealthy use to get that way.

You’ll see how to maximize the value of the money you spend and slash the cost of virtually everything. Then discover how to put your money to work so you can live better today and create the retirement of your dreams.

The Secrets of Getting Rich is packed with hundreds of insider secrets on investing, finance, retail savings, mortgage, tax, law, financial advisers, retirement planning, real estate, and much more.

And it’s all from the trusted experts and editors of The Franklin Prosperity Report published by Newsmax.

Whether your goal is to retire as a multimillionaire or simply to maximize the income you have, this book will show you how to:

  • Earn 1,000% MORE INTEREST on Your Savings Account: Grow your savings with a high-yield savings account where banks compete for your money. See page 2.
  • Save $750 a Year on Car Insurance: Are you making any of these four costly mistakes on your car insurance? Here’s the insider story that could save your family hundreds of dollars each year. See page 85.
  • Save Over $1,368 a Year On Your Mortgage Without Refinancing! If you bought your home with less than 20% down, this simple switch could save you $114 a month or $1,368 a year! No refinancing required! See page 143.
  • Retire in Paradise for $700 a Month: About one million Americans live in this sunny country for its warm climate and low cost of living. Even better — Social Security and pension payments are tax-free! Here are two little-known retirement havens that offer some of the world’s best weather and wonderful lifestyle. See page 186.
  • And much, much more.

Discover Smart Financial Moves to
Grow Your Nest Egg Into a FORTUNE!

People who grow rich see money as freedom, not as the next thing they’re going to buy with it. Walmart founder Sam Walton drove his red 1979 Ford pickup truck until he died in 1992. Legendary investor Warren Buffett still lives in the same house in Omaha that he bought in 1958 for $31,500.

You don’t need a big inheritance, a revolutionary invention, or an insider stock tip to secure financial freedom. Chances are you already earn enough income to become a millionaire.

The Secrets of Getting Rich will show you how you can live well for less by giving up virtually nothing at all!

For example, you’ll discover how to:

  • Avoid the 5 Deadly 401K Disasters: Here are five common mistakes people make with their 401K and how to avoid them. See page 184.
  • Slash Your Tax Bill by 25%: Keep more of your hard-earned money with these insider tips. Make sure you’re getting all the deductible expenses to cut your tax bill and that you’re keeping your receipts in the correct way. See page 369.
  • Build a $10,000 Cash Cushion in One Year or Less: Discover these easy ways to automate your budgeting, saving, and investing. You’ll simplify your life while you grow rich. See page 30.
  • Get 5% Cash Back on Your Credit Card: Here are the best credit card deals in the U.S. including up to 5% cash back! Plus many other perks including free delivery from 350,000 restaurants. See page 7.
  • Boost Your Credit Score by 125 points: With a better credit score, you’ll save big with lower interest rates, higher borrowing amounts, cheaper insurance premiums, and many other perks. Here’s a senior credit specialist’s insider advice on what to do — and not to do — to boost your credit rating. See page 17.
  • Donate to Charity Without Spending Any Money: It sounds impossible but here are seven surprising ways to give hard cash to your favorite charity — with none of it coming from your own wallet. See page 393.
  • Weird Trick Lets You Cut Your Student Loan Debt by 20%: Most people think that you can’t renegotiate student loans. But you can save thousands of dollars with this secret from a New York Times bestselling author. See page 63.
  • And much, much more.

Get Big Savings on Almost Everything You Buy

People who grow rich aren’t just good at investing; they’re also good at saving and getting the most return for what they spend. The Secrets of Getting Rich will show little-known ways to make every dollar count. For example, you’ll discover how to:

  • Save $1,500 a Year Off Your Food Bill: Discover these simple grocery tips that will help you get more value and avoid waste in your food budget. You’ll save $125 a month or $1,500 every year! See page 44.
  • Slash Your Cellphone Bill by 73%: The average household is paying $1,884 each year for cell phones. [p.41] Here are 13 ways to lower your bill for each cellphone from $90/month down to $24/month. See page 37.
  • Buy Offseason and Save up to 70%: Timing is everything in getting the best price. Here are 29 categories of items and the best time of year to buy each one grouped by month of the year. See page 248.
  • Save Big $$$ on Groceries WITHOUT Clipping Coupons: Forget spending hours combing through sales flyers or clipping coupons. These handy smartphone apps will give you the discounts and cash back automatically! See page 256.
  • Get Extended Warranties for FREE: Instead of purchasing an extended warranty for your next cellphone, laptop, or appliance, just do this. It’s free. See page 264.
  • And many, many more.

Live Well for Less:
Save 20% of Your Income
Without Giving Up Anything!

The first step to growing wealthy is spending less than you earn and then wisely investing the difference. With The Secrets of Getting Rich, you’ll discover little-known financial secrets on how you can live MUCH BETTER for EVEN LESS MONEY than you’re spending now!

For example, you’ll discover how to:

UPS Worker Builds a $70,000,000 FORTUNE!

Theodore Johnson never earned more than $14,000 during his career at United Parcel Service. But he was able to build a net worth of $70,000,000! His secret was that he was able to save 20% of his income and he invested it every month.

In The Secrets of Getting Rich, you’ll discover thousands of ways you can save big money on things you’re buying. Then learn the secrets of automatically investing the savings in high-profit investments. Click here to get your copy FREE!

  • Cut Your Internet Bill by 40% Without Switching Providers: This simple trick can save you big each month. See page 99.
  • Slash 30% Off Your Hospital Bill: Even if you’ve already received the bill for a hospital stay, these insider tips can help you get big discounts and cut costs. See page 107.
  • Shop at Costco Without Paying the Annual Fee: Little-known trick lets you shop at Costco, BJ’s, and Sam’s Club without paying the membership fee. See page 273.
  • Save $1,600 a Year on Your Car: Here’s how to get government credits and discounts that can help you save thousands over the lifespan of your car. See page 84.
  • Drive a Brand-New Car for $10,000 LESS: Here’s the step-by-step process to get the exact car you want for thousands less than dealer invoice price. Plus, you’ll save a lot of time compared to visiting different dealers. See page 87.
  • 10 Ways to Earn a College Degree Without the High Tuition Bill: No scholarship required! See page 328.
  • Save 70% on Vacations: Here’s how to get the best deals on air fares, lodging, vacation home rentals, resort attractions, and more. See page 340.
  • And many, many more.

Secure Your Retirement —
Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money

Running out of money is every retiree’s nightmare. The old rule of retirement spending was that you could spend 4% of your nest egg for 30 years without running out of money. But with today’s low interest rates, this rule no longer works.

The Secrets of Getting Rich will show you how to make the new rules of retirement planning work in your favor. You’ll get proven ways to preserve your nest egg, boost your retirement income, avoid critical mistakes, and make your golden years the best years of your life.

For example, you’ll discover how to:

  • Make Your Nest Egg Instantly LAST 3 YEARS LONGER! These two changes can instantly add 10% to 20% to your net Social Security payout. It can add two to three years to how long your nest egg will last. See page 195.
  • Get 20% More From Social Security: Here’s how you can boost your total payout from Social Security by up to 20%. This could mean an EXTRA $100,000 net to your retirement. See page 195.

4 Ways the Coronavirus Stimulus Package Could Benefit You

The coronavirus economic shutdown has created great economic uncertainty. New U.S. Government programs can help those in or near retirement.

See how you can benefit in this new special report. It’s FREE with this special offer.

  • Avoid Reverse Mortgage Disaster: Should you consider a reverse mortgage? As attractive as they are, there are pitfalls in the fine print. Here are the key risks and how to decide if a reverse mortgage is for you. See page 133.
  • Create Your Own Annuity and Avoid the High Fees: Annuities can be a great way to guarantee steady income in retirement. But they come with high fees, exorbitant commissions, and sometimes hidden traps. Here’s how to create your own annuity with an annual return estimated at an average of 5.65% a year with much of it backed by the U.S. government. See page 176.
  • Use a Do-It-Yourself Reverse Mortgage: Like the idea of a reverse mortgage, but don’t want the hassle and the fees? Here’s how to draw cash from your home equity without taking out a loan or mortgage. See page 189.
  • Prepare a Living Will Without Costly Legal Fees: A living will can help ensure that your wishes are followed if you’re incapacitated. Here are six key steps to follow in developing yours — without the legal fees! See page 173.
  • Maximize Your Medicare Benefits: All of the options on Medicare coverage can be confusing and costly. For example, when and how you enroll in Parts B, C, and D could cost you 30% more every month. Here’s how to make the best choices for your situation. See page 102.
  • Organize Your Estate With These 27 Essential Documents: One of the most important things you can do for your loved ones is to organize your estate and your documents. This list of 27 must-have documents will help you assemble and keep track of the key items your loved ones will need. See page 158.
  • 7 Ways to Choose the Best Place to Retire: If you’re considering relocating for retirement, these seven key criteria will help you pick the best locations for a great retirement lifestyle. See page 154.

Earn More Income or Find a
Rewarding Post-Retirement Career

Whether you’d like to supplement your income or earn extra money with a home business, The Secrets of Getting Rich will show you dozens of income-generating opportunities with great flexibility and high pay.

For example, you’ll discover how to:

  • Turn Your Trash into CASH: Here’s a step-by-step plan to get the most money from selling items you no longer need with these Estate Sale secrets from the pros. See page 204.
  • Earn an Extra $5,000 a Month Working Part-Time: Here are five key steps for positioning yourself for lucrative career opportunities in retirement. See page 178.
  • Earn Extra Cash With a Home Business: Here are five home business ideas that can help you supplement your retirement income. See page 205.
  • Cash In on Ground-Floor Investment Opportunities: Ever wish you could invest in start-up businesses like the investors on ABC’s Shark Tank? Previously, this was only for wealthy investors. But now with this unique crowdfunding opportunity almost anyone can invest in opportunities that could be the next Google. See page 226.
  • Earn Money WHILE YOU SLEEP! Most jobs involve trading your time for money. Here are strategies for creating products and businesses that generate income even while you sleep! See page 238.
  • And many more.

Smart Secrets to Maximize the
Benefits of Home Ownership

Your home is one of your biggest investments and biggest expenses. The Secrets of Getting Rich will show you many simple ways to save on home expenses and maximize the return on investment from your home.

About the Editor

David J. Perel is Editor-in-Chief of The Franklin Prosperity Report. He is a Pulitzer-prize nominated journalist whose columns have appeared in the Wall Street Journal. His work has been profiled in the New York Times magazine, Los Angeles Times magazine, Washington Post and others.

For example, you’ll discover:

  • 29 Home Improvements That Really Pay Off! Which home improvements have the biggest return when you sell your home? See this list of 29 common remodeling projects and their likely return on investment. Plus, see the top six considerations for deciding on the best projects for your area. See page 114.
  • How to Save 20% Off Your Energy Bill Each Month! Heating and air conditioning are big expenses. Here’s expert advice on how to get an energy audit and zero in on the energy efficiency changes that give you the biggest payoff. These simple changes could save you hundreds of dollars every year you’re in your home! See page 144.
  • How to Save $20,000 Off the Realtor Commission When Selling Your House: The standard fee for selling is 5% to 7% of the sales price. Here’s how to save thousands off the realtor commissions and still get the services of a top agent. See page 127.
  • 8 Insider Secrets to Selling Your Home for the Best Price! Here are 8 little-known tips from a nationally renowned realty expert to get multiple offers and sell your home fast for top dollar. See page 128.
  • 7 Ways to Avoid Home Repair Disasters: Home maintenance can save you big bucks. But which items are the most important? Here are seven critical areas where a little regular upkeep can safeguard you against costly disasters. See page 147.
  • And much more.

Save or Earn up to an Extra
$1,000 or More EVERY MONTH!

Ben Franklin famously said, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” But a penny saved is even better. Why? Because it’s tax-free.

What’s more, if it’s savings on something you buy every month, your savings can quickly add up every month, year after year. For example, say you save $50 a month on your cellphone bill. (See page 37) You now get those savings 12 times a year every year on every cellphone your family owns!

Then add in saving $114 a month off your mortgage payment — without refinancing. (See page 143) Then discover how to invest these savings to earn you more money. For example, you’ll see how to automatically channel your savings into a no-fee investment account. (See page 30)

This is just the start of how The Secrets of Getting Rich can help you . . .

Transform Your Financial Future!

Imagine how great you’ll feel when you see extra money piling up in your checking account. And then see your finances and your net worth growing faster than you ever dreamed possible. It’s easy with these simple secrets.

The Secrets of Getting Rich will help you:

  • Live Well for Less;
  • Plug the Hidden Leaks in Your Finances That Are Costing You Big Money;
  • Grow Your Nest Egg Into a Fortune; and;
  • Create the Retirement of Your Dreams.


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The High-Income Factor includes high-yield investments that you are very familiar with, such as dividend stocks, corporate bonds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and more.

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The Best Age to File for Social Security (a $19 value). This is the #1 question about Social Security. The old rule just looked at life expectancy, but you need to consider these 4 other key factors. Discover how to boost your monthly check by 77% and more.


Bonus Report #2:

10 Ways to Maximize Your Medicare Benefits (a $19 value). How should you choose between all of the various Medicare plans? Here are 10 key questions to help you decide. The right decision could save 30% or more off your premiums.


Bonus Report #3:

7 Deadly Retirement Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs (a $19 value). Running out of money is every retiree’s nightmare. Here’s what you need to know to avoid the most common retirement planning pitfalls.


Bonus Report #4:

The Millionaire Transcripts: Time Tested Income Strategies of the Ultra Rich Revealed (a $19 value). Here are the strategies multimillionaires use to grow rich and stay rich. Discover little-known secrets for investing, saving, and generating income even when not working.


Bonus Report #5:

Four Ways the Coronavirus Stimulus Benefits Retirees (a $19 value). The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act offers more than just a one-time check and extended unemployment benefits. There are key provisions in the law that can help anyone who is saving or living in retirement. Here’s what you need to know.


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