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Dear Concerned Citizen,

Over the course of your life, the IRS will take you for about $355,000.

That’s more money than the average person will ever spend on anything else . . . more than they will spend on their mortgage, more than they will save for retirement, more than they will pay to educate their children.

And it is about to get MUCH worse!

The Congressional Budget Office recently admitted that in order meet America’s financial obligations, current tax rates would have to increase to 25% for the lower class, 63% for the middle class, and 88% for the wealthy.

That means the IRS could soon be gunning for no less than $700,000 from every tax-paying American. (They have doubled tax rates before and they can do it again!)

As you can imagine, any thoughts of saving for retirement will go up in smoke.

But the uber-wealthy don’t seem to be too concerned.

They have their Ivy League tax accountants at their doorstep, ready to show them the little-known loopholes in the tax code. That’s why President Obama only pays 19% in taxes, Warren Buffett only pays 11%, and Mitt Romney only pays 14%.

But folks like you and I . . . well, we usually get taken to the cleaners.

It’s time we put an end to this fleecing.

In fact, I believe it is your ethical duty to say enough is enough!

And we are going to do it by teaming up with a former IRS insider — Sandy Botkin. Once picked by the IRS to train IRS attorneys, Botkin now helps average Americans keep what is legally theirs.

He reveals his best tax-savings tactics in his book Lower Your Taxes — Big Time!

Published by McGraw-Hill, this easy-to-read guide will show you the best ways to lower your taxes so that you can keep as much of your money as possible.

Here’s just a sample of what Botkin reveals . . .

  • Nine ways to reduce your chances of an audit, such as being aware of “the rat fee”; and if by chance you are audited, how to win your case nine out of 10 times within three months.
  • The “income-shift” loophole that 99.9% of Americans don’t know about, but could immediately save thousands for taxpayers.
  • The “third wheel” deduction that lets you turn a day out with your spouse, children, and friends into a tax write off.
  • The IRS-approved “two-car” strategy that could qualify you for a $16,300 deduction!
  • How to turn your child’s college education, wedding, and medical expenses into a tax-deductible gold mine.
  • The “sandwich” rule that lets you deduct a five-day Hawaii vacation.
  • A unique strategy that sidesteps the “7.5% AGI rule” to get tax-free health insurance.
  • How to buy season tickets to your favorite team . . . and score a huge tax deduction because of it!

There are so many additional tax credits and deductions just like these, waiting for you to take advantage of them.

In fact, if every American started using the strategies Sandy Botkin reveals in his book, it would cut the IRS’s revenue by $300 billion.

In each scenario, Botkin cites the exact tax code that makes all his strategies 100% legal to assure you that they are IRS approved and verified.

Best of all, your copy of Lower Your Taxes — Big Time comes with two trial subscriptions . . .

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